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Automated AdWords campaigns with BidGit

Individual ads for thousands of products

BidGit allows you to promote a huge amount of products in a quick and efficient manner, relieving from tedious process of generating keywords, ad texts and continuous monitoring of your AdWords campaign. Smart algorithms apply the long-tail keyword strategy, which ensures a higher conversion from clicks, meaning more sales, concurrently with lower costs of single ads.

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Why tailor-made solution?

There're a few significant reasons for your online shop

Features strictly adjusted to your needs
Business data inaccessible for third party solutions
One-time fee for license with no subscription costs
Easy and intuitive interface, designed together with you
and many more...

You will love AdWords automation

...if you appreciate your time and money

Millions of ad texts generated automatically, adjusted to product and brand name, price and available stock quantity
Unique keywords generated according to long tail strategy quickly and accurately, eliminating errors and reducing time-consuming workload and thus campaign costs
Ads activated according to inventory to avoid squandering money for promotion of products that are out of stock
Bid strategy focused on conversions , to generate maximum sale within a specified budget
It is not the amount of traffic entering your website that matters most, but its quality.
Only well targeted traffic converts and increases your ROI.

Why is BidGit effective?

It applies keywords that convert

BidGit algorithms optimise ads and keywords creation in a way as to obtain valuable traffic that generates revenue and returns.

The "long tail" strategy in eCommerce usually provides the highest conversion, while maintaining the lowest cost per click (CPC).

Build your remarketing list

Target your ads precisely and on time

Thanks to user entries gained while running campaigns with the use of BidGit, you collect valuable information of potential customers. This is your chance to close the deal with indecisive clients by bringing them back with tailored ad and offer that relates to their experience they had on your site.

You're using Google Merchant Center?

Fine, but don't give up on AdWords search campaigns

Google AdWords text ads are displayed in more places than Google Product Listing Ads and reach a bigger audience all over the world.

Search Network campaigns with an applied long tail keyword strategy result in lower Cost Per Click (CPC) than Google Shopping campaigns and hence give a higher Return of Investment (ROI).

What else will you like about BidGit?

It's simply professional

User friendly interface that leads you step by step and adjusts many advanced campaign settings for you.
Features constantly developed and updated. BidGit is created by experts of Google API solutions, who follow, adjust and optimise the application to Google requirements.
Quick and friendly support, that replies to customers' technical inquires within 24 hrs!

What our clients have to say?

In fact, we've been developing IT solutions since 2008

Thanks to using Dotcom River's practical experience in designing advertising systems, together we have managed to create an effective system for promoting Conrad's products in Google search engine in a mass, yet efficient manner.

With an offer of over 100 000 products from store, the AdWords API Tool application enables to reach a great number of Google users in the most precise way. This is not possible when using standard AdWords tools.

Mariusz Możdżonek
SEO & SEM Specialist

Get started now with your automated AdWords solution

for Magento shop or any other eCommerce software

With BidGit Magento Module you can promote all your products in Google AdWords by creating and managing campaigns directly from your shop's admin panel.
You don't use Magento? It's ok, we also created a Symfony bundle, that you can use as a standalone application, which is feeded with products data from your shop via CSV file. Symfony application has similar functionalities to Magento module but it's more flexible.
For your special needs, we can also prepare a custom solution.

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Magento module for your online store

Ready to install on your Magento® 1.x shop

  • Automatic generation of millions of ad texts based on editable templates: product name, price or stock quantity are filled in automatically. It eliminates errors, reduces workload, time and the costs.
  • Easy and precise selection of products for AdWords campaign from Magento® admin panel, thanks to functional filters of category, attributes, stock status etc.
  • Automatic ads control prevents advertising products that are already out of stock. Owing to this, you don't waste money or mislead clients.
  • Thousands of effective and unique keywords generated automatically, in accordance with the "long tail" strategy.
  • Automatic bid adjustment, dependent on estimated income from sales or conversions. Application calculates individual CPC for every product and thanks to this advertising costs are always profitable.
  • Ads automatically prioritised depending on stock quantity or price, directing to product landing page or shop's search engine's result page.
BidGit Free plugin for Magento®
BidGit Professional plugin for Magento®
Custom solution

Dedicated eCommerce solution

Integrated with your Magento®, PrestaShop or other platform

  • Bulk product campaigns managed and optimised automatically on all levels, starting from ads and keywords creation, through setting the right bid management strategy, based on defined target, profit margin, competition activities and many more.
  • Mass changes of campaign structure, ads and keywords properties done automatically, based on your individual strategy and business requirements.
  • Campaign strategy optimised in regard to market trends and sales forecasts. Smart algorithms learn from seasonal trends, manual settings, defined goals and foregoing analysis to constantly monitor and optimize your mobile, search or display campaign.
  • Optimisation of the local campaign for mobile devices. Bids, ad texts, emission time of your ads are adjusted automatically, depending on your shop's opening hours, consumer’s localization or products availability.
  • Google Product Listing Ads (GPLA) enhanced with dedicated interface that allows to define bids policy, negative keywords, and track the Google Shopping campaign's stats, along with the entire conversion path of a single product.
  • Personalized reports and automatic sms notifications providing regular insight into campaign properties. They let the SEM Specialist immediately respond to significant changes of the campaign status, without having to keep signing into account every few hours.

Under the eye of eCommerce experts

We're a team of software developers and online market researchers

Dotcom River has been specialising in development of Google AdWords API solutions since 2008. We share our know-how about online market in regular eCommerce reports.

BidGit has been created in response to market demand to allow online retailers to effectively use potential of Google AdWords Search ads. Delivered as Magento® extension or fully custom app, it automatically manages bulk product campaigns, while maintaining low costs and reducing human workload.

Some of the companies that trusted us: